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Tooth Whitening Center

People today want whiter teeth making tooth whitening the most requested dental procedure in the world.


Over the years our teeth have stained (coffee, tea, red wine, colored food, smoking etc.) Dingy, yellow teeth have become associated with getting old. If someone is concerned about the color of their teeth whitening may be the ideal solution to easily enhance their smile. Tooth whitening technology has given us the ability to remove years of internal tooth stains and return teeth to their natural color.

We maintain a unique dedicated tooth whitening center offering the very latest in both one hour in-office and at home whitening. Using a variety of brands and formulas we tailor the whitening procedure to individual needs. Our specially trained personnel are committed to continuously monitor each patient’s progress to ensure a safe and pleasing result.

The first step is to have your teeth professionally assessed to determine if they are good candidates for whitening procedures. We then use a combination of in office laser treatment and take home products to obtain the best results possible.

Our goal is to whiten your teeth as much as possible and then show you how to maintain your vibrant smile.

It is important to understand that teeth will only whiten so much and that some people’s teeth may not whiten at all and may require other procedures to achieve what the patient desires.

Annie Beaulieu created our whitening center in 1999 and is recognized as an authority on whitening protocol and technology. Annie has published articles, lectured and given live demonstrations at numerous dental conferences. For additional information on tooth whitening please contact Annie Beaulieu.

ORAL HYGIENE- Fall 2011- Tooth Whitening: A procedure that is not being done exclusively in dental clinics. Annie Beaulieu




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