DR. ELLIOT MECHANIC | The Latest Dental Technologies

The Latest Dental Technologies


Internationally Recognized Smile Design and Restorative Esthetic Approach

All Current Restorative Materials, Technologies and Procedures

CAD CAM milled zirconia and lithium discillicate restorations.

On Site Full Service Dental Laboratory

Tooth Whitening Center- Laser and home whitening

Photo Studio and Imaging

Soft Tissue Diode Lasers

Digital Periodontal Analysis- Florida Probe

Dental Implants- Drs. Mechanic and Chatelain internationally lecture on implantology.

Advanced Dental Hygiene Services

Fresh Breath Treatment

Laser Detection of Tooth Decay

Microscopic Oral Bacteria Analysis

State of the art Monitored Class B Instrument Sterilization (the highest standard)

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