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State of the art porcelain restorations, can be permanently bonded to teeth; to close gaps, straighten, replace worn edges and resurface discolored teeth. The best candidates for elective porcelain restoration, are people with healthy teeth, that are in a perfect position to accommodate a conservative restoration. This will allow minimal tooth preparation, leading to predictable long-lasting results. Porcelain restorations (veneers), should resemble natural beautiful teeth (not false teeth). We style your smile, using the shape of your face, angle of your eyes and your lip characteristics, to create a smile that looks like you were born with it.


Changing Tooth Shapes With Porcelain Veneers

Some people are born with teeth, that are not shaped the way nature intended them to be, or the way they wish them to appear. Veneers are ultra thin, custom, porcelain pieces that are permanently bonded to the existing natural teeth; allowing the patient to realize their dream smile. Who says that mother nature can not be helped?


Sometimes as we get older we wish to improve some of little things that never seemed to previously bother us. Teeth may not be as white as they once were, a gummy smile may begin not be “cute” as it once was and our teeth could become more crowded, chipped and out of position. An esthetic dental makeover can sometimes take years off a patient’s face and make them feel young again. This lady never liked her crowded small front teeth and gummy smile. Knowing exactly what her wishes were we were able to give her the smile she always wanted.



Some people are born with malformed and misshaped teeth. Although her teeth were healthy and functional this patient chose to have them artistically redesigned making her a stunning bride.




Restoring worn, chipped and discolored teeth

By bonding a porcelain veneer to the original tooth we can add length to short, worn teeth making them look younger and stronger.Veneers can cover stained, discolored teeth, be applied to whiten and brighten the entire smile, or be made to exactly match the existing teeth.


This beautiful young woman was born with stained teeth. Conservative porcelain restoration completed a perfect picture.

After many years of allowing her teeth to severely this patient decided to do something. It was time for a new start! A full mouth porcelain restoration erased years from her face, restored all the facial dimension she had lost and allowed her to chew and function comfortably. What a comeback!



Closing Gaps with Porcelain Veneers

Often gaps exist between teeth that even orthodontic treatement cannot correct. Natural teeth can be formed too narrow, too small, or not full enough to match a person’s face and size of their dental arch.

Sometimes their dental arch is formed just too large and does not match the size of their teeth to allow these teeth to fit into the harmony of a natural looking dentition.



There is a large gap between these young ladies front teeth. It exists because their tooth size is too small to fill the dimension of their dental arch.To assure a healthy and esthetic result it was first necessary to realign the roots of the four upper front teeth with orthodontics. Porcelain veneers were then bonded to these four teeth allowing the tooth size to be recreated in harmony with the facial features.



Six porcelain veneers on this patient’s front teeth allow symmetry to be recreated and establish the smile to be in harmony with her facial features.


Gumline modifications and porcelain veneers

Artistic alteration of a patient’s gumline can often dramatically enhance their entire facial appearance! Think of the gums as the frame surrounding a fine piece of art. A beautiful frame is necessary to complete the perfect picture!



After one or two previously placed porcelain veneers fell off her front teeth, this patient was presented with the option of creating a new look for herself. Gumline modifications and four natural-looking porcelain veneers achieved this spectacular two visit result.


Years of grinding wear caused this patient to display a “gummy smile” and have short front teeth. A combination of orthodontic intrusion, gumline modification and porcelain restoration recreated a natural, healthy, brautiful appearance.


A lifetime of feeling self conscious about her gummy smile ended by simple gumline modifications and the creation of four porcelain veneers on the upper four front teeth. Now that’s something to smile about!




Time changes and so does technology, pushing our skills to even greater heights. Advances in cosmetic dentistry enable us to upgrade older restorations that although over the years may have served us well, can now be made to appear more lifelike and enhance facial features


Upgrading porcelain

The original veneers on this patient’s upper four front teeth were fabricated in 1983. Twenty years later in 2003, we modified the patient’s gumline and then lengthened and expanded her smile using new esthetic concepts and materials. Today this smile still appears radiant and ageless.

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Four porcelain veneers replace older composite resin bonding on these patient’s upper front teeth. The teeth appear cleaner, more vibrant and uniform in size.

Four new all porcelain crowns and gumline modifications, gave this smile a new life.


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