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Extensive Restorative Dentistry



Complete Dentistry should be the objective for every patient. Our aim is to restore your dentition to optimum esthetics and function in order to provide long-term stability. Some people’s teeth require complex, coordinated dental planning and restorative treatment to allow them to look and function properly. Like a “dental facelift” well planned dentistry can erase years from a patient’s face and recreate teeth the way they were when they were new.



Smile Expansion

Using artistic skill and revolutionary, non-invasive, low pain techniques, we may be able to provide a scalpel-free facelift, by “Smile Expansion.”

We often can improve the lower third of the face, through manipulation of tooth width and size while still keeping a natural-looking appearance. Esthetic dentistry offers new options to erase a few years off your face.

Creative artistic dentistry lengthened and widened this smile achieving spectacular results.

After a decade deliberating whether or not to undergo orthodontic treatment and maxillo-facial surgery, the patient was still not prepared for these options. However she craved a new look. Thinking “outside the box!”, a little creativity, and careful pre-planning enabled her to achieve this result in just a few visits.

Orthodontic treatment performed 40 years ago left this patient’s smile “dished in” as the teeth had been angled inward. Porcelain veneers were fabricated to lengthen, whiten and freshen up her smile. The veneers allowed us to change the angle from which the teeth emerge from the gumline creating a wider, fuller more youthful smile.


Changing Facial Shape

his gentleman always felt as if his face was squashed and his teeth pushed in. Dental restoration gave him a more youthful appearance and the feeling that his face was in the right dimension.


Careful pre planning using gumline modifications and six porcelain veneers to restore tooth shape, form, color, size and arch position allowed us to create not only a beautiful smile but alter this patient’s facial form as well. Her face transformed from narrow and asymmetric to oval and symmetric. Wow! Esthetic dentistry has often been described as “ plastic surgery without a knife.”

This patient’s facial shape was dramatically changed from round to oval by meticulously planned esthetic dentistry. Smile expansion, gum alterations and new tooth shape achieve a spectacular result.



Full Mouth Rehabilitation

New Technologies and techniques in Crown and Bridge, Implants, Endodontics, Oral Surgery and Esthetics can improve your quality of life and help you maintain a healthy, functioning dentition for a lifetime.




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