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Cosmetic Resin Bonding

Cosmetic resin bonding uses tooth colored resins which adhere to existing natural enamel to restore broken, decayed, discolored teeth and to recreate natural shape and contours. This is a time-tested technology that delivers predictable and satisfactory results. Although in many instances it is not as esthetic and long lasting as porcelain in others it is the treatment of choice as bonding can be very conservative preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible. Cosmetic Resin Bonding can also be used to preview a proposed cosmetic change or to buy time until a more permanent porcelain restoration can be undertaken.

The form of these misshaped upper incisors was recreated after orthodontic treatment using light cured composite resin bonding. Some orthodontists prefer to have the tooth form restored before commencing orthodontics to aid their perspective when aligning the teeth.


The small opening creating the black space between the upper front teeth was easily closed with light cured cosmetic resin bonding.


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