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Choosing a Restorative Dentist

Crucial Considerations When Choosing a Restorative Dentist

Esthetic dental procedures stand out as one of dentistry’s great advancements because now it is possible to transform the worst of smiles into a gorgeous one. In other words well performed esthetic dentistry can change someone’s worst feature into their best feature. However, this extremely technique and artistically sensitive procedure requires an experienced and talented team. The following considerations are most important before undertaking restorative dental procedures.



  • Training and Experience – It takes skill and years of experience to be a master
  • Technology
  • Treatment must begin with an extensive consultation so that the dentist and patient can clearly set realistic treatment goals.
  • Use a dental laboratory of the highest quality
  • Don’t cut costs. Do it right the first time! Redoing dental work is painful, frustrating and expensive.
  • Understand that quality dentistry takes time. Beware of same day in office milled restorations and instant smile makeovers. You must be able to visualize and test drive your new restoration to be certain it is comfortable and esthetically pleasing.
  • Artistic excellence in smile design. Ask to see the dentist’s actual work. Does it please you?
  • Form and function must be planned and respected for longstanding, maintainable, healthy results.
  • Dental assistants, hygienists, specialists, office personnel. Training, experience, dedication, caring.
  • Academic affiliations and membership in dental academies and societies.



Warning — You are making a permanent change to your face. Do your research before making a hasty decision. Anyone can advertise and make claims of being an expert, but can and will they deliver?



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