DR. ELLIOT MECHANIC | Advanced Esthetic Dental Hygiene

Advanced Esthetic Dental Hygiene

Annick Ducharme, Annie Beaulieu ,Marie-Christine Deragon and Sandra Bluteau are licensed dental hygienists and trained consultants in cosmetic dental services, oversee our hygiene program. They incorporate state of the art technology to enhance their patient’s oral health and esthetics.




  • Laser gum therapy
  • Ultrasonic scaling
  • Prophy Jet
  • Computerized periodontal charting (Florida Probe)
  • Laser tooth whitening (in office)
  • Power tooth whitening (at home)
  • Laser detection of tooth decay. (Diagnodent)
  • Fresh breath care

Our hygiene department has a large and loyal following who recognize their knowledge, quality and commitment to excellence. They have written articles and presented training courses to other hygienist’s about the exceptional dental hygiene experience.

ORAL HEALTH –FEB 2012 – SANDRA BLUTEAU – The effective use of technological tools.

ORAL HYGIENE- NOV. 2011 – ANNICK DUCHARME – The importance of Oral Hygiene in dental rehabilitation.


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