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Using Orthodontic Movement to Enhance Esthetics and Function.

Orthodontics isn’t just for kids anymore! A short period of orthodontic movement can often allow us to change your tooth position to achieve a superior long-lasting result. Having straight teeth is important for both cosmetic and health reasons. Crooked teeth can affect your ability to keep your teeth clean leading to gum problems and tooth loss. Other consequences of a malocclusion can be headaches, joint problems (TMJ), speech dysfunction and chewing problems. Many orthodontic treatment options exist today ranging from computer driven rapid tooth movement to using Invisalign to align teeth without conventional braces. An experienced orthodontist (certified specialist) is best able to recommend which course of treatment is best for you.


These ladies actually had very healthy teeth. They were just severely misaligned causing them to appear to be “bad teeth”. Routine orthodontics transformed them from being a distracting feature to becoming a beautiful, healthy facial trait. No treatment other than orthodontics was necessary to achieve these spectacular results.


This patient had been advised that orthodontics was not recommended for her teeth and that nothing could be done to help her. Not true!




Porcelain restoration after orthodontic treatment

There are circumstances that even after orthodontic treatment, proper positioning of the teeth and the establishment of a stable bite, teeth do not have the “look” that we desire. Teeth may just be too small, too narrow, malformed, misshaped, chipped, discolored, or have previous restorations that didn’t seem to bother the patient before orthodontics. However, once the teeth are straightened and placed in proper position these imperfections may bother the patient. Esthetic dentistry to the rescue!



Orthodontic treatment straightened and aligned these teeth into ideal position for optimum function. A new smile design using porcelain veneers created a more masculine tooth size and allowed us to expand the upper dental arch for a fuller smile.



Orthodontics, porcelain and some other ingredients from the “ Mechanic bag of tricks” totally transformed this patient’s smile and facial characteristics.

This young lady required orthodontics as her teeth were crowded. However her natural teeth were small, narrow and lacked feminine form. Rather than just orthodontically straightening and aligning the teeth, which would result in a narrow smile with small teeth, we elected to widen the dental arch creating spaces between the upper four front teeth. Four porcelain veneers were fabricated creating ideal tooth size, and form and a natural look.



Esthetic Restoration as an Alternative to Orthodontics

With meticulous planning and artistic skill, artificial porcelain restorations can be used to straighten crooked or misshaped teeth and appear to immediately change their position. This can change the appearance of a person’s smile and facial features. However not all situations lend themselves to these procedures and an accurate diagnosis; discussion of alternatives, and treatment planning must occur before attempting to undertake these changes. Esthetic dentistry can lead to dramatic results and a positive impact on a person’s appearance and self confidence.

Although he absolutely refused to have orthodontic treatment this man wanted to change his bite position and the appearance of his smile. For many years his occlusion had been misaligned causing facial and neck pain requiring weekly physiotherapy. A full mouth esthetic reconstruction into an accurately diagnosed bite position totally relieved his discomfort and provided the esthetic result he desired.




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