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Since 1979 Dr. Elliot Mechanic and his team have been providing dental services ranging from complex oral rehabilitations, artistic smile makeovers, dental implants, general dentistry to routine cleanings and whitening.

Dr. Mechanic is a general dentist and is internationally recognized as a dental leader and trendsetter for the restoration techniques and philosophy he has developed to consistently provide esthetic and healthy long lasting functional oral health. Starting with an honest, comprehensive, patient-focused approach we assess the patient’s dentition starting at the foundation and then establish a final artistic vision of the desired result. Once the treatment goals are clearly established we use current technologies, procedures and various dental specialties to realize them in the most effective treatment path possible.

Dr. Mechanic has created some of the world’s most beautiful smiles. His work has been featured on the covers of numerous publications and throughout the media. Dr. Mechanic’s creative artistic smile designs have been described as “dental plastic surgery,” erasing years from patient’s faces. Dr. Mechanic has taught his techniques to dentists worldwide, created academic programs, dental societies and consistently contributing articles to journals dedicated to improving the quality and standards of global restorative dentistry.

Read Dr. Mechanic’s editorial “The Quarterback“. Dr. Mechanic is the editor of Canada’s Oral Health Journal.

Read Dr. Mechanic’s book on  “Esthetic Dentistry/Smile Design

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