DR. ELLIOT MECHANIC | A Full Service Dental Office

A Full Service Dental Office

Dr. Mechanic has long realized that it is critical to maintain control of all dental procedures from complex restorative reconstructions to basic general dental needs.

Our office includes specialists in orthodontics (Dr Brita Nadeau), implant services (Dr Eric Chatelain) and denturology (Marc Barette). This “all under the same roof” approach allows a high level of communication and efficiency between your treatment team.

Our exclusive tooth whitening center, under the guidance of Annie Beaulieu, utilizes state of the art one hour in-office laser and home whitening technologies. Annie has lectured extensively, written articles, and has developed products and protocols to earn her reputation as an expert on current whitening procedures.

Sunea Advanced Dental Hygiene is the Mechanic program to keep your oral health problem free and your smile beautiful. Our four experienced dental hygienists (Annie, Annick, Marie Christine, Sandra) tailor oral care programs to address your specific needs.

The Mechanic concierges – Sara and Jennifer are always available for your every need.


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